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The Art of Leading with Belief ©

Character and Competence 

The Psychology of Self-interest

The Art of Working with Belief

The Five Principles of Working with Belief

Personality and Performance: How Your Personality Impacts Your Success

The Psychology of Self-interest: Constructive Motivation in Organizational Life

Values, Beliefs, and the Concept of Fairness

Character and Culture: The Impact of a Leader’s Values and Beliefs

Character and Careers: Values, Beliefs, and Careers

Motivation and Money: Values, Beliefs and Money

Conflict and Belief: Values, Beliefs, and Conflict

New, Better, Different: The Belief that Different is Better

The Elements of Achievement: Talent, Drive, and Intelligence​

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Values and Beliefs Questionnaire (VBQ) ©

Leading with Belief Questionnaire (LBQ) ©

Managing by Belief Questionnaire (MBQ) ©

Working with Belief Questionnaire (WBQ) ©

Belief-based Feedback Questionnaire: Leaders (BFQ-L)​ ©

Belief-based Feedback Questionnaire: Managers (BFQ-M)​ ©

Belief-based Feedback Questionnaire: Professionals (BFQ-P) ©

Belief-based Behavioural Interview (BBI) ©

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